Welcome! How to make the most of your membership

Welcome to the Hub

Now that you’ve joined - here’s what you need to know about how we operate.

The Hub is a ‘bump space’ with most activities driven by members in their own name. Members also collaborate on Hub events, such as members or community dinners, Random Sundays and Repair Cafes. We invite you to help make these happen and to suggest other Hub events too!

More generally, you may work on your own projects, activities and events, collaborate with other members, or bring non-members into the Hub to help. And you can work on the ongoing development of the Hub too – it’s early days and we still have much to do.

Together, we can build a fabulous creative community gathering and making space.


Inclusivity is a high priority for us so, the space is not able to be booked exclusively.  Members are able to use areas, but there is no exclusive use of the whole space, unless explicitly granted. See more on our hireage policy (this is still being finalised but please inquire).

Governance & management

Day to day running and development is managed by a stewardship group. Legal governance is by Gribblehirst Community Hub Trust, and members are welcome to join the stewardship group subject to some restrictions.  Stewards meet on the last Thursday of every month at 7pm.

Using the Hub

Random Sundays

Sunday afternoons (from 1-5pm) are set aside as “Random Sundays” – an opportunity for members work on or in the Hub (there are always jobs to do!) and for the public see what we are about.  All events at the Hub are posted on meetup.com/Gribblehirst-Hub.


While we are completing our swipe key system, members can access the Hub via a key kept in a lockbox at the top of the stairs.  Please email welcome@gribblehirsthub.nz for access.  Lockbox code and swipe card access are member-exclusive, and not for sharing. Non-members may enter with you but you, as the key holder, must be with them at all times.


We are working towards running a zero waste system so please follow the signs above the bins (in the corridor by the toilets) when disposing of waste.  There are 3 bins;

  • #1 for general recycling - this is all the stuff you would normally put in your curbside recycling bin.  Please check for the correct recycling symbol.  
  • #2 for soft plastics - this is supermarket bags, bread bags and any soft plastics that cannot go in the general recycling.  We will take these to the supermarket plastic bag recycling bin.
  • #3 is for landfill rubbish - anything that cannot go in the other 2 bins, to go to landfill.  
  • DO NOT put food scraps in any of these bins.
  • There will be a 4th bin in the kitchen for compostable waste - e.g. vegetable and fruit scraps, peelings, paper towels, egg cartons and compostable coffee cups.  This bin will be emptied into the worm bin.  DO NOT use for meat waste. Any food scraps that cannot go into this bin must be disposed of at home.

Coming & going

  • Members and guests must sign in on entry.  The book is on the front desk.
  • Tea and coffee are available – encourage your guests to leave a koha for replenishments. Milk not provided. A pro espresso machine being refurbished.
  • A koha is expected for all free events. (Koha box in cafe).  
  • We depend on membership fees, so DO encourage guests to join up.  Refer friends to the site for information and registration.
  • The Shed is off limits to all without a joint membership (and for safety reasons).
  • Health and safety is important to us.  Notify any potential hazards in the front desk Hazards Book.
  • First aid box is in the cafe area (top shelf).  Please let us know (in the notebook inside the kit box) if we are running short on anything.
  • Clean up after yourself.  Wash and put any dishes and cutlery away. Ensure the tea/coffee station is clean, vacuum the floor if needed. Cleaning gear is in the men’s bathroom.
  • Ensure all windows are shut and lights are off when leaving. If you have turned heating or appliances on, please turn them off again. Never turn the fridge off.


  • Kitchen
  • Open space for events and activities
  • Lounge area with tea and coffee, sofas, tables, games, children’s toys
  • Toilets
  • Composting & waste separation
  • Wifi, laser printer, a small amplifier and speakers
  • Central table (seats up to16),  chairs, trestle tables, standing height worktables and stools
  • Some storage (inquire!)
  • Projection screen 1.5m x 1.2m
  • Whiteboard
  • Industrial sewing machines (please inquire for training).