Membership Policy

Principles / overview

The Hub seeks to be a community of creative, friendly and cooperative people.

This policy outlines an approach to membership that promotes sustainability, diversity, inclusion and openness. It also aims to ensure that the Hub’s physical and virtual spaces are as accessible as possible to all current and prospective members – noting however that accessible access is not possible until resolved by Auckland Council.

Membership of the Hub is by subscription - this is the Hub’s primary income and is needed to pay for utilities like power, gas and internet access. Subsidised fees may be available on application.

Hub governance, leadership and administration is based on enabling members to use the space in ways that work for them. All members are able to be part of decision making at the Hub.


This policy applies to all current and potential members.

Reason for this policy

A clear membership policy helps to ensure that the community grows, is sustainable and is diverse, inclusive and open.

Policy details & implementation

  1. The Hub is a creative space within an Auckland Council building that is operated on a membership basis. All members are encouraged to contribute to developing a creative, inclusive community at the Hub, and to take responsibility for the Hub space.

After an initial two years the Hub’s lease will be re-assessed by Council. Especially during this period, members are encouraged to give their commitment to helping to create a vibrant, creative and well-run community space, and contribute to working on, as well as in, the Hub.

  1. The Hub will be as open and approachable as practicable for people considering becoming members. To achieve this, we will hold regular open days and dinners that are open to the community. Non-members will also be able to attend many of the activities at the Hub – open activities will be signalled in the programme and through the Meetup group as well as in other promotional material.
  1. All intending members must read and agree to this membership policy and complete a membership application. The Trustees reserve the right to refuse any membership application.

Community initiative membership must be approved by the Stewardship group.

Once the membership fees have been paid the person or group will become a member of the Hub and of the Gribblehirst Community Trust.

Trial members or groups will have no voting rights and are not eligible to join the Stewardship group.

  1. Fees are:

(Individual, or more with extra keys)

3 month trial (one time only)



(Entity charging for activities at the Hub)

3 month trial (one time only)




Extra swipe keys ( < 2, for families or activity groups)
Hub / Shed joint membership for one



NB. Membership is to the Hub only and there is no access to the Shed except for those with joint membership. While the Hub has a ‘guests allowed’ policy, the Shed does not.

From every membership fee, $10 is allocated to a fund to allow those without the means to pay the full fees, to receive a subsidised membership. The stewardship group will consider each application to this fund on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Members are entitled to:

  • a swipe card which allows entry to the building during opening hours (6am - 11pm)
  • storage as per the [storage policy] and use of equipment the member is trained to use (access to these resources will also be managed by the swipe card)
  • use of the 'relax' space for personal work or group activities at any time during opening hours. (Please make a regular contribution to cover the cost of tea and coffee, etc.)
  • reasonable use of the wifi in the building, at no cost
  • hire a part of the room or the kitchen
  • participate in members’ activities such as community dinners with other Hub members
  • be profiled on the Hub website and have their own page hosted by the Hub website
  • be able to have their activities at the Hub promoted on the Hub website, Facebook page, Meetup, Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • apply to join the stewardship group which guides the Hub (not available to trial members) - apply via email to
  • attend, vote and speak at the Gribblehirst Community Trust AGM and vote or stand for one of the trustee positions (not available to trial members)
  1. All Hub members will agree to the code of conduct. Breaches of the code of conduct will be referred initially to the stewardship group. Serious or continued breaches may result in suspension or cancellation of Hub membership by the trustees.

Version 1,1 01-Jul-17