Code of Conduct

All members and guests must abide by the Code of Conduct.

Breaches of the code of conduct will be referred initially to the Stewardship group. Serious or continued breaches may result in suspension or cancellation of Hub membership by the Trustees.


Behaviour and words while at the Hub need to reflect the principles of a creative, friendly and co-operative space and support sustainability, diversity, inclusion and openness.


  1. Any paid member has the right to use the ‘relax’ area at any time during opening hours and may also use other spaces provided they are not booked.
  2. Access to the Shed is strictly limited to Shed members.
  3. The Hub offers tea and coffee. Please make a donation to cover costs.
  4. After a visit to the Hub, materials or equipment used must be cleaned, removed or stored, and the space left tidy and clean.
  5. Any damage or breakages must be acknowledged and discussed with a Trustee.
  6. Hub tools and equipment (including kitchen equipment) must stay at the Hub so that other members can use them. However, in some circumstances a Trustee may give permission for items to be borrowed for particular purposes. Please leave a note with contact details and a return date.
  7. Items (eg seeds) brought to share with others, should be labelled with a date and owner and left in the ‘share’ space for no more than a week. After a week, they may be discarded.
  8. Alcohol is not allowed at the Hub except as an agreed part of an organised activity.
  9. A hazards book will always be at the desk. Please record anything that is of any concern.
  10. Materials and consumables that are a part of an activity at the Hub, must be paid for as they are used.
  11. Equipment and facilities at the Hub are intended for positive and educational purposes. Please be thoughtful about environmental impacts and potential hazards.
  12. The last person to leave the Hub must turn off lights and heating and make sure all external windows and doors are closed and locked.

Health and safety

  1. All members must swipe their membership cards on arrival and departure for health and safety reasons.
  2. All guests must sign in and out with name, email, phone number.
  3. The Hub space is a shared space - please be considerate of others during your activity.
  4. There will be no smoking at the Hub.
  5. No naked flames such as candles or lighters are allowed in the Hub at any time.
  6. The building exits must never be blocked.  
  7. Please comply with all signs and instructional manuals and undertake appropriate training before using equipment.
  8. For anything that creates fumes, dust, or noise always use approved safety gear in a ventilated area.
  9. You are responsible for your own safety and belongings while at the Hub. Where your activity may create a hazard you are also responsible for the safety of others.

Version 1, 29-Mar-17