Hugh Batten

Here we are at last, a simple website, nothing flash, covering the basics. Beneath the unassuming facade however, a lot of thought and effort has gone into making decisions and laying a foundation for growth.

We’ve made mistakes, we’ve tried things that didn’t work, but we’re better for it. Our simple site promises to be more.

In keeping with the Hub’s vision

To grow an inclusive place within the community for getting together to make, create, share skills, repair, recycle, upcycle and hatch ideas.

we wanted to stick to community values, sharing, reusing, collaborating…

So naturally we’ve chosen open source solutions for our website.

We’ve opted for Drupal 7 instead of Drupal 8. CiviCRM does not yet officially support Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 provides a beautiful ecosystem of modules that fit our needs so well, and meld with CiviCRM as if they were one!  Later, when CiviCRM is ported to Drupal 8 we’ll move onto that great new platform too.