Andrew Dixon

Security and Access at the Hub will be controlled by a system we are creating in a collaborative way.

Members will be given a swipe card with a unique id embedded in it. This will become the key to opening the main doors, accessing storage and starting specialised equipment.

Eventually the system may work something like this...

Petra swipes her card at the entrance. The system checks with our member database (CiviCRM) and sees that she is a current member and so a message is sent to the door motors to unlock. A screen lights up with her name and a voice announces her arrival. As a certified food handler her qualifications are displayed inside the kitchen. She swipes a lock on the kitchen equipment cupboard and it opens, she then takes out the high speed meat slicer and plugs it in, the slicer does not start until she swipes her card on a little box on the slicer. When she leaves she swipes by the main doors to say she has left.

Johnathan arrives and finds the door open so swipes to say he is here, A screen lights up with his name and a voice announces his arrival. Wanting to use the 3d printer he scans his id on the box next to the printer - the light turn orange - indicating that he need to find an instructor. looking at the list of currently signed in members he sees that Jackie is qualified to give instruction. She swipes her card and the light goes green and the printer is available for use. As Johnathan is under supervision the system records his induction making it possible for him to use it without supervision in future. After accumulating 10 hours of usage Johnathan is qualified to induct new members automatically.

The swipe card system is designed using easily sourced parts, connected to open source server based software. It is our hope that new modules will be added regularly to improve functionality and usability. It is also our hope that this system will be installed at many places making the swipe card into a virtual passport, allowing access to spaces and equipment wherever you may be.