Helga Arlington

Knitting together ... can mean two different things. At the Hub’s knitting group we are both of them.

In March 2017, we - Helga and Sue, who were then no more than acquaintances - decided to start a knitting group on Wednesday mornings at the Hub. Sue is an expert knitter and Helga a competent one - so we knew we could teach people to knit, and help people out of fixes.

Who would join us? We advertised on Meetup and Facebook, and gathered up spare yarn and needles to share. Every week we came, all through the winter, and slowly people joined us. Even on the days when the Hub was bitterly cold, we lined up heaters and came in our coats, and knitted shawls together.   Once or twice there were only the two of us.

Knitting group at the Hub

We’ve been a group for over a year! Four or five of us are regulars, but usually there are eight or more people - knitting together. Must be twenty-five at least who’ve come over the year. Young students from other countries doing postgraduate study. Older people. Sock knitters and shawl knitters and lawyers and part time workers and young mothers.  Experts and beginners. All knitting together.

Knitting is a lovely, sociable thing to do. It’s great for mental health! And we’re looking forward to a cozy winter’s knitting this year when the heat pumps go in.
Come and join us! Wednesdays 10-12 - or come for part of the time. A few dollars koha is requested from non Hub members, please.