The community’s very own “Pocket Lab” and why you should be excited

By Mitchell Carlyle   Uhhh… what is a “Fablab”?   07-Feb-19More

Greens on the Greens: Grow Space comes to the Commons

Grow Space on the Commons is home to the Morningside Urban Market Garden (MUMG), extending the urban market garden skills of migrant and refugee background women. 28-Nov-18More

Boomerang Bags at The Hub

We are a group of people who want to make a difference and who are passionate about plastic use reduction. We also believe that making the contribution can be easy, fun and creative! 30-Oct-18More

Roadworks in Progress

Cabbage Tree Swamp Drive, and the Hub/Shed car park are being upgraded, blocking Aroha Ave reducing access and car parking until early November 29-Sep-18More

Knitting together

In March 2017, we - Helga and Sue, who were then no more than acquaintances - decided to start a knitting group on Wednesday mornings at the Hub. Sue is an expert knitter and Helga a competent one - so we knew we could teach people to knit, and help people out of fixes. 24-May-18More

School holidays at the Hub! [past event - 2017]

Looking for something to do with the kids during the school holidays? Join us at the Hub for kid's activities on Wednesday and Friday mornings. 05-Jul-17More

Kickstarting Repair Cafe

The hub’s first repair cafe was wildly popular, with a big queue of people lining up to fix all manner of broken things, and some hi profile media coverage. 05-May-17More

Things that go beep and blink

One of the most exciting ways that electronics has improved recently, is the way it has become easy to pick up and design very powerful systems. 24-Feb-17More

The Swipe Card System

Security and Access at the Hub will be controlled by a system we are creating in a collaborative way. 24-Feb-17More

What is a makerspace?

A space where you make things... mainly friends 24-Feb-17More